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Iggy Speaks

4.4 ( 1504 ratings )
Розробник: Ateneo Laboratory for the Learning Sciences

Discover St. Ignatius’ life story through his talking statues within the Ateneo.

"Iggy Speaks" is an app that narrates the life of St. Ignatius, fondly known as "Iggy" within the Ateneo community. Statues of St. Ignatius can be found within the Ateneo de Manila campus, and a QR code is placed on each of these statues. Use the app to scan the QR code, and get a call from St. Ignatius himself. Answer the call, and you will hear St. Ignatius telling a part of his life story. Each statue tells a different part of St. Ignatius’ life, so make sure to visit all statues, and get the whole picture!


Note: The "call" that you get is only a simulated call, and the app does not in anyway access your phone number, or any other personal information.